The Taste of Cigarettes!

This is the title to my memoir that was recently accepted, in January of this year, by Vine Leaves Press, a publisher out of Australia, who understood my motive when writing this book: to show the real life of a Junky, what really happens when you decide to literally take the plunge of a worn out dirty syringe. I started writing chapter one three years ago, as a short story called “The Black Van” but when I wrote a few other stories, and each story had the same time frame and characters, my English professor told me “this is a book you are writing I hope you know.” Well I didn’t know. I didn’t think I was worthy of writing a book. I was still basking in the filth, wearing my addiction as a badge because I didn’t know how else to handle my painful memories, of so many  spiritual wars I saw with my own eyes, so many deaths and near deaths, everything that comes with being an addict. This is what ultimately saved me. Writing is the next best thing to God; without those two things I wouldn’t be here, writing this, seeing my kids, my parents. So I hope you get to read my book when it comes out later next year, (there is no date yet, believe me I will tell you) it will teach you the way of the junky, what to look for when suspicious of a loved one. This book will give you the knowledge, understanding of the malady of this terrible disease called addiction. “The Taste of Cigarettes” will be available in many reading forms. Print Kindle etc. And I would post an excerpt but my editors are editing the book so I don’t want to jump the gun (like I tend to do our of pure excitement). But I will be posting them soon. (Blog 1 has a piece of Chapter 1). Have a great day and God Bless.


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