Ode to the Classics, and Those To Be

Ode to the Classics, and Those To Be is a poem written by me (about a month old). The pic is of James Dean (Which I do not own)

I guess since we are in the 21st Century
I am supposed to write about contemporary
and things.

But I’ll take the classics 24/7
No matter what it is
if it’s poetry and prose it’s
Bandini Sagas
most anything on Black Sparrow Press
Burrough’s and books about Junkies

But writers don’t exist like them any longer
And there are:
No T.S. Eliot’s
No Ezra and his compassion
(the man was a Saint of a friend)
No Baldwin’s
No Cheever’s
No Salinger’s

(And nobody has written a memoir like
A Moveable Feast, not that I know of
at least)

And for my ancient dolls
my queens of death and carbon monoxide:
Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton
I’ll always love you just the way you are

There are:
No Vidal’s writing historical gems
No London’s
No Huxley’s
No Capote’s
No Joyce’s
No James’
No Faulkner’s
No Ginsberg’s
No Kerouac’s
No Beat’s
No arrests being made or writers in jail
for being drunk and completely and utterly

And in the films of today there are
only computers with loud loud noises
that cause the head to

Because there are:
No Kazan’s
No Hitchcock’s
No Huston’s
No Kubrick’s
telling the
what to do anymore.

There are:
No Karl Malden’s or his giant nose,
just Owen Wilson’s nose
(who I actually admire a lot: his acting
and overall being, not just his nose)

But there are
No Mickey Rooney’s
who I saw when I was a valet at the
Westin Hotel in
South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa,
and he asked the Hotel to make sure we
left him alone
and of course we did.
He walked with his cabby hat pulled just
above his eyes,
his fingertips touching the brim
while he shielded his 86 year old face
The master of the 4½ foot swag,
hiding from the world he knows is cruel like
Babyface Nelson
or that thief he plays in
Night at the Museum with that Stiller Boy.

But the women are great as usual,
much better than the men that’s for sure
There is:
Natalie Portman
Marisa Tomei
Christina Ricci
Drew Barrymore
Penelope Spheres one of the few female directors
Melissa Mccarthy
Zooey Deschanel

And many others who are also underpaid,
but my mind is black with nothing

Still there are
No Liz Taylor’s
No Joan Crawford’s
No Stanwyck’s
No Lolita’s
No Garland’s

But the worst of all is that there are:
No Bette Davis’
No Vivien Leigh’s so there are
No Scarlett O’hara’s
(and that’s where I draw the line).

I love and admire the days when
Male actors
and film
were authentic pieces of treasure
when computers were just a fancy
outer space idea
on Friday night’s episode of

The Twilight Zone

(and come to think of it, there aren’t any of those left either)

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