Darby Turns 21!

The day has finally come, no longer will I lurk on the outskirts of virility with the children of the overly illuminated sun. No longer will I be offered orange juice with my breakfast, soda with lunch or milk with my goddamn dinner. No sir. Now, only mimosas or bailey’s will adorn my champagne and coffee, only three fingers of rum in Darby’s soda, and as for dinner, no milk will be needed with my red glass of aged and expensive wine. And when I play for the women and men of the howling nights, make love to my mistress’ of the ballrooms while Ivory sleeps in my unlit bungalow on Ocean Blvd, I will drink with the world’s finest who will all dress in black and white suits that all look the same, while the women wrap themselves in the dead fur of our mother’s pets and I will play and play as they dance and smile through plastic teeth and dream of, that’s right, me, Darby Kane…

sea by Alycia

art by Alycia Vreeland

From my novella I’m editng called “Elephant Tears” (I hope my publisher likes it:) ) 

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