Bite My Apple

If you’re so hungry, why not take a bite of my apple? 
It’s red
sometimes both,
with a cherry on top and ventilation
so it doesn’t catch fire
or explode on my lips while enjoying another
Cloudy kiss
Blowing smoke that shrinks under the sun
but claws at the moon.
My apple will keep you safe
from the ones dressed in dark ominous blue
and sometimes black, carrying guns and shooting
unarmed people who never had a chance because
they weren’t white like me.
My apple keeps me safe from
metal bars and nighttime rapes
undesirable neighbors and sadistic foes.
And the needle vanishes in broad moonlight
when I bite my apple.
And I keep it in the fridge (because, after all, it is food) 
And I want to keep it fresh, so the next kiss doesn’t taste like
a pack of stale cigarettes.
I will always share my apple with whoever wants a bite
Whoever wants a reprieve from anything
Or anyone unfair,
But they must have the eyesight of a dog,

so the rest will surely ensue.

**another poem from my 2nd chapbook which is of course out of print; the featured image is the work of the amazing Alycia Vreeland Below is the link to my very first book with a publisher which is available for preorder now and publishes May 22, 2018**

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