Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel

     I was only fifteen.
     Fifteen and no longer a virgin.
     You’ve done it now. So fucking what?
     Severe nausea overpowered the looming embarrassment I was sure to feel the next week at school.
     Because of this day, twenty years ago at the time of writing this, I have never considered sex to be something special. Even now I struggle to give it meaning. I have to meditate. Prepare myself. Remind myself that it’s good—that it’s not just an act of human nature that happens at random for no particular reason, that it can mean … love. I know this. But sometimes, I just don’t care. I could happily live the rest of my life without sex again.

Page 125 of “Dear Reflection: I Never Meant to be a Rebel” by Jessica Bell (owner of Vine Leaves Press and singer of Keep Shelley in Athens)

At one point this book was one of the best sellers on Amazon and right now for a tiny bit of time, you can get it for $1.19 and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Link below. All I did was open the book and pick a random paragraph, knowing whichever one I chose would be great.

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