to my next poem…

how dare you try to leave!
after all I’ve done for you?
the miles I’ve crawled
the cars I’ve pushed
the buses I’ve missed 
the jails I’ve frequented
the slop I’ve eaten
the bills I’ve ignored
the motels I’ve died in
the beatings I’ve taken
the drugs I’ve shot, snorted, swallowed
the booze I’ve drunk, pissed and puked;

really? after all
the abuse
the murder
the death I’ve experienced? 

do you know how many wolves
I’ve fought, how many sheep
I’ve slaughtered for the genuine YOU?
I’ve killed (and still kill) roaches for you?
the people I’ve robbed? 
the filthy streets I’ve walked?
I walked three miles today


just so I could be with you
and you for me! 
(our electric translator
ready to go baby go!)

I mean, I’ve changed styles for you,
abandoned instruments
ripped clothes
stolen hats; altered
so that you won’t get sick of me
and me sick of you; so when I don’t
know if you’ll be here or not,
when I worry you will leave 
(or have already gone but don’t realize it yet),
I am uneasy
I’ll crawl a hundred more miles, take a
thousand more beatings and
kill a million more roaches for
you and only you;
just don’t ever go, don’t ever leave
or I will die drunk
smacked back
face down in a ditch;
no books
no bed
and that, my beautiful young friends

is the


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