A Sneak Peak at Chaucer’s Signing

To see my name near Gore Vidal’s on the shelf in a bookstore is something I’ve joked about for years. I’d gently run my fingers along the spines of the other books, announce to anyone in the vicinity, stranger or not, “My book will be right about here, see? Right here.” Apparently, when we joke about something enough times, the joke manifests itself into reality.

This coming Tuesday, May 29 at 7 pm, Chaucer’s Books will host the launch of my debut book, The Taste of Cigarettes: A Memoir of a Heroin Addict, a book I wrote while majoring in English at Santa Barbara City College, 2014-16.

I wrote this book for myself and the person who still struggles with drugs and-or alcohol; the sons, daughters, parents, family members, the friends with someone still sickened from addiction. But addiction is treatable if the misery is faced head-on, and some type of creative art is implemented.

For example: writing is the mirror that shows me more than I want to know.  

So next Tuesday, 7 pm at Chaucer’s Books, you may ask anything you want during (or after) the Q&A portion of the event about the book, addiction, anything. There will also be 5-10 minutes of reading, refreshments, a lot of great people, and of course the signing. You can purchase a book at the event as well. I hope to see you there!

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