A Walk with 1,000 Corpses

Sunday morning we walked under a placid-grey
sky, talking of demons that dance until you rot.
We ambled toward the green hills
with tall pallid statues scattered among the
grass-covered landscape and the
finely-dressed carcasses asleep underground,
lathered in priceless family heirlooms.
We wandered among the tombstones,
admiring the crisp Autumn air while thousands
of corpses played possum and listened
to a couple in love with each other
and each other only.
And the dead are so polite:
they don’t mock or gawk, laugh or even ignore,
just quietly listen to our shadows breathe
as they lay there looking
and pure.

poem by me; drawing by Alycia Vreeland, book cover by Jessica Bell of Vine Leaves Press

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