it begins wonderfully:
the acceptance
the understanding
the sex
the worship
the laughs,
we care about what each other says
and we smile randomly
(and at each other!!)
and then the fangs,
the claws come out and gut us like
psychotic kangaroos,
leaving our innards on
dirty floor (which we didn’t clean
yesterday like we were told).
it begins with covert missions
to the bathroom
to apply morning makeup
to brush the morning mouth
to apply more deodorant,
to take a secret crap
because we cared what we
thought of
each other.
then a year or so in the
understanding becomes
discussions turn to verbal
(and even physical)
brawls and silent treatments.
acceptance turns to change,
bowel movements are
now announced while the bras
and chemicals burn
and the cute little habits
are now our biggest pet
the apples turn to ice cream
and the sex
moves out to the tool shed
to rust all alone;
and it always ends terribly,
an honest to God nightmare
you will never ever
forget because since
we’ve grown apart
we now realize we are
both monsters
violent criminals
filthy whores
and that is all;
the problems
the court dates
the nagging
(yes! we adore unnecessary friction)
because we want death and murder,
we are awful specimens of the gods;
since we now do not fit the criteria,
children are hoarded
names are reassigned
to strangers who skipped
the probation period out of spite;
now the children are confused
but the confirmation
that the inception was
just another sham finally smiles;
you see,
love is but a twisted dream,
a beautiful mirage that almost
seems real,
the beauty is deceiving,

and we fall for it




featured image by David Sykes. Poem by Jon Vreeland. Link to buy Vreeland’s book below.

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