attitude and gratitude

I use this website for my writing,
to organize the genres
I wish all were poetry
and when I scroll down the feed
and read thousands of others’
(terrible grammar)
poems about the wind and blades
of grass
(not defecated on no-siree-bob; 
poetry learned in school,  
injected by the man/woman at the
blackboard who is bored to tears
from teaching the same
out of tune words for decades and ages,
students suffering from pure monotony!)
and I’m sorry…but don’t like it; 
(just like most people don’t care for 
my raw-uncouth verses)
and I see the number of likes
the comments
the interactions
and these numbers are astronomical! 
(blows my fucking head
into unkempt fields of sallow blooms
bestowed by a witch on a stolen tv) 
however, the (around) 10 people
who stop to read my poetry
who give me a chance to say what I
never get to say
are 10 people I truly adore with all my heart…
that small dose of kindness
that shot of empathy
(temporarily, but received graciously)
goes a long way with
a young struggling hype

with no more sharpened spikes
and one last hungry vein…



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