for my perfect stranger

I never knew you, Kid
but I know you quite
per se:
I’m a fallen angel too!
my heart is too big
(like yours) and the pain can
be too much;

(I know, Kid trust me, I do)

and even from all the way
up top
you look into my eyes as
I get to know you;
and your eyes,
shadowed by your blue
baseball cap,
shine brighter than the
tears of heaven.
(and I bet you thanked
the person who paid for
that hat, and meant it too
but if that person was
you, I bet you didn’t appreciate
you at all)
I know this, Kid, because
we are brothers
in a way
(although in a big way)
and my heart’s too big
like yours, Kid: 
we take on
we care

(and more than people comprehend)

so, Kid
(sorry, 19’s still a baby)
I want you to know something
and I want your mama
perfect baby brother to know that: 
God steals the best ones
(and dude, you’re like half
the age of Jesus…roughly)
Chris Farley too!
you know,
the funniest man
who’s ever lived?
(oh, that’s right you’re 19)
you know, Tommy Boy?
those two men

Jesus and Chris Farley

make me
live on a consistent basis
and this is who you are:
the one who falls sleep so
others can wake 
up tomorrow:
you’re a giver
a big brother
a son
(and from what your
momma showed the entire
an Adorable Michelin baby).
you’re the man-cub in us all 
the Moglie
the Kid who loved us
humankind way too much
(a pain only you and I grasp)
you kindly and peacefully
stepped in front
of the black train
so the fallen angels
(like me) 
can breathe again.
so just remember, Kid
(half the age of Jesus
and Farley …)
God needs you
He needs your help
more than your
and any of us know.
so, good luck up there, Kid
(not like you’ll need it)
you’re my perfect stranger
my Balki
and my favourite
fallen angel thus far.
so watch out for us, Kid 
zip your little brother up
inside your hoodie
and rest your chin on his smiling
another time …

because for people such as
you and I this is only the beginning …

of our well-expected (and glorious)




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