the way of our world

first, it’s pizza sold by a young John
named Papa,
then a christian publisher who wants
you to pay them to publish
your work;
then the essence of a Carl’s Jr. hamburger
smears on the breasts
of an underpaid swimsuit model.
jenny craig with her shakes
that make you thin and healthy
accepted by your peers
while half the world
starves and dehydrates and
slowly dies, and while
the U.S. gets fatter and dumber,
3.5 million Americans wait
(more than patiently),
on an island in the sea,
a hurricane licked its chops then ate a
hearty meal
while we spend millions of dollars
on ads for hemorrhoid cream, cream for the
used up genitalia;
so we get depressed from being fat,
from eating the slop
proposed on that awful screen;
there’s a pill for that
and that and that and also that too.
we spend more money than most
villages could never dream of on
temporary happiness,
fake meat that causes strange types
of cancer
and diabetes that never ever existed

“If you take this pill you will feel better
about eating what we’ve trained you to eat”

studies show how our brains react
how sales are affected by these
very costly
30-second films,
we are hunted down like deprived animals
so their next movie trailer starring
5 assholes,
who claim to be jolly green giants run
extra long
hit all the sweet spots;
we are only helpless infants,
and momma’s touch is all we need for solace,
and our carbon footprint was smaller than
the flesh on our crusty toes.

making 30-second films costs
insurmountable amounts of money,
the cartoons that sell auto insurance,
dogs selling tacos
more bad trailers from more bad people
more pills
more food
more diets
more confusion and chaos and sadness.

and despite the rising of the sun
I think its time for bed
so I grab my pills that lead the way,
that help me sleep until
the night comes, while the moon mounts
in other parts of the world, while the affluent
at the crumbs slobbered on the meek

…the rays of our burning sun.

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