just laugh

when you think there’s nothing
left: when the rent is almost due
when the car is out of gas
(or lost in a strange transition)
when your lover is actually gone 
and your money bobs 
in the mouth of a laughing stork,
just laugh,
and do this harder than you ever
knew you could.

when you pick those deadly flowers
and then kick the everyday juice
but then spend your money on beer 
just laugh
laugh hard and mean it more than ever

because even if the needle breaks
your soars may not improve
but don’t lose your voice or your
or even grit your teeth
or let your eyes scream (and never
raise your hand)

just take the soars as symbols
and then laugh, laugh at God’s clever 
joke, laugh and know the soars will  
heal (but only if you let them)

laugh until the money arrives and at 
the shit show you’ve rightfully earned 

just laugh, and do this, my dearest reader,
like you’ve never done this before.

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