to my sweet deprivation

without Her I am hungry
deprived of food
and many other things.
it’s not a woman’s job to feed me
they just do
and it started with my mother: 

“joge, eat your peas”

then with my various others: 

“babe, eat something
you look like an anorexic girl.”

but without Her, I can’t eat
only sleep, dreamless and cold.
I am weak
I only walk next door to watch
an old man die


but the old man gives me food
and other things I may not have. 
and I keep him company
for an hour or so;
he is old and I am young
he gets it
the wrath of life
he’s been here before, so he is dying
but he feeds me sweets and greens
before I walk back home
next door
where there is no woman
and certainly not any peas.

featured image by Karen Sullivan: Stuart Davis working on his piece, Men Without Women



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