Cherish the Most

she will steal your car and burn your life, she’ll stay at the bar much later than you

she will sleep around when you guys are “broken up” for an hour, and then slap your face in public….hard

then she will fuck you harder in bed say pretty pretty things and kiss your


and her eyes, they fascinate you, she lets you peek inside

(just a little)  

then she BURNS your life, steals your wallet, fucks your friends, fucks your dog eats your cat, marries your sister


she is also quite charming, more gorgeous than you’ve ever known, painfully unpredictable

and she will BREAK your things and kick your nuts while you sip your beer.

she’ll say that something’s wrong with your dick when she really wants to slice the manhood out of you

but she is the woman we cherish the most.

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