Stories and Poems

Below are some links to Vreeland’s literature: stories and poems that have been published around the U.S. He has many more publications and will be posting them in the near future 🙂 Enjoy! And feel free to email Jon with any questions you have about his writing or anything else! Strangers are welcome!

Publications 2014-2016:

Freedom Through the Eyes of a Junkie” published by Rebelle Society

“Mourning Through Drug Addiction ” published by Rebelle Society

“Dirty Laundry” published by Painted Cave

“Halloween for Dummies” published on East Fork Journal

“Mother and the Drunken Ants” published on Painted Cave

“Where’s Mister Jim” published on East Fork Journal

“Apartment A vs. Apartment C and 40 on Black” published by Painted Cave

“The Killer Turned Blue” published by Painted Cave

“A Town Called Edgar & $8 and Some Change” by Painted Cave

“People love it when someone from church gets into trouble, it gives them an excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings.” –J. V.