Stories, Poems, Essays

Most of Vreeland’s work is published in print. But below are some online publications which Vreeland personally selected. Vreeland’s memoir’s “The Taste of Cigarettes: a memoir of a heroin addict” published May 22, 2018, with Vine Leaves Press of Australia. Available now! 

Selected Publications 2014-present:

“The Explanation of a Liar” an essay

“The Unlit World of the Heroin Junkie” an excerpt from The Taste of Cigarettes: A Memoir of a Heroin Addict 

“A Writer’s Addiction” an essay

“Mourning Through Drug Addiction” a short story

“Freedom Through the Eyes of a Junkie”  a short story

“A Town Called Edgar” a short story

“Finally Getting Free: a Felony for My Family” an essay

Painted Cave of Santa Barbara City College (undergraduate) 

“The Killer Turned Blue” a short story

“And the Rain Poured Down” a short story

“Dirty Laundry” a short story

East Fork of Cincinnati Ohio (Undergraduate)

A Lesson from Pops (poem)

Where’s Mister Jim?” (short story)

“Halloween for Dummies” (poem)

“People love it when someone from church gets into trouble, it gives them an excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings.” –J. V.

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