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Below are selected links to Vreeland’s stories/poems/essays that have been published online. Most of Vreeland’s work has been (and will be) published in print. His memoir’s expected date to publish is May 22, 2018 on Vine Leaves Press of Australia. Feel free to email Jon with any questions you have about his writing, or anything else you feel compelled to say. Strangers are always welcome.

If you check the blog menu you will find more poems, stories, essays, excerpts, art by his wife, (some previously published and some not).  

Publications 2014-2017:

“A Writer’s Addiction” published in Tuck Magazine (essay)

Freedom Through the Eyes of a Junkie” published by Rebelle Society (auto-bio-short story: first professional)

“Mourning Through Drug Addiction ” published by Rebelle Society (auto-bio-short story)

“Finally Getting Free: a Felony for My Family” published by Rebelle Society (essay)

“Just a Guy” a poem published in Tuck Magazine (with art by Alycia) (1 poem-nonfiction)

“I Wonder If They’ll Be Mad” a poem published in Tuck Magazine (1 poem non-fiction)

The Killer Turned Blue” published by Painted Cave (short fiction)

“The Taste of Salt” originally published by Rebelle Society, now on East Fork Journal (first college essay)

“Dirty Laundry” published by Painted Cave (1 auto-bio-fictiion)

“Apartment A vs. Apartment C and 40 on Black” published by Painted Cave (2 poems)

“A Town Called Edgar & $8 and Some Change” published by Painted Cave (1 auto-bio-fiction and 1 flash nonfiction)

“And the Rain Poured Down” published by Painted Cave (dark fiction)

“People love it when someone from church gets into trouble, it gives them an excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings.” –J. V.

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