Stories, Poems, Essays

Most of Vreeland’s work is published in print. But below are some online publications which Vreeland personally selected. Vreeland’s memoir’s “The Taste of Cigarettes: a memoir of a heroin addict” published May 22, 2018, with Vine Leaves Press of Australia. Available now! 

Selected Publications 2014-present:

“The Explanation of a Liar” an essay

“The Unlit World of the Heroin Junkie” an excerpt from The Taste of Cigarettes: A Memoir of a Heroin Addict 

“A Writer’s Addiction” an essay

“Mourning Through Drug Addiction” a short story

“Freedom Through the Eyes of a Junkie”  a short story

“A Town Called Edgar” a short story

“Finally Getting Free: a Felony for My Family” an essay

Painted Cave of Santa Barbara City College (undergraduate) 

“The Killer Turned Blue” a short story

“And the Rain Poured Down” a short story

“Dirty Laundry” a short story

East Fork of Cincinnati Ohio (Undergraduate)

A Lesson from Pops (a poem)

Where’s Mister Jim?” a short story

“Halloween for Dummies” a poem

“People love it when someone from church gets into trouble, it gives them an excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings.” –J. V.

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