Welcome to Jon Vreeland’s personal page where you can read selected publications, old and new, and receive updates on upcoming publications and events. Vreeland’s memoir “The Taste of Cigarettes” has recently been accepted by Vines Leaves Press, which should be the start of a very long and successful relationship. On this site you will see some of Vreeland’s first and favorite publications and also his blog, which will often contain excerpts from his first memoir, (which has yet to have a release date). So if you are easily dragged into world’s of reoccurring monotony, brought on by the painfully drab, I promise you are now on the right website. 

“People love it when someone from church gets into trouble, it gives them an excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings.” –J. V.


Vreeland grew up in Huntington Beach California and went to three high schools in order to graduate on time. Vreeland, now in his thirty’s, lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Alycia Vreeland who is an artist, has grown to love free verse poetry, and sold out of his first two poetry chapbooks: “Laughing in Your Sleep,” and “Poems about Delicious Embryos and Such.” He is a father of two, a always recovering Junky and Fall Down Drunk, a husband, a writer, a reader of many books and many authors, but most importantly, Jon Vreeland is his very own self, so enjoy these very dirty, very realistic stories and poems that take you to places you never knew existed.

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